Types of fabrics

Looking great is the objective of every individual in the world. Whether you are male, female; child or adult, it is important to ensure that you always look great. One way to make sure that you are always looking fabulous is choosing the right fabrics for your clothes. The right material can make a cheap design look elegant and classy. The right clothing material can make all the difference in just how great you look in as certain design you of clothing you want to buy. Most people go wrong in the choice of fabric and end up looking terrible and hating themselves or the designer. If you are thinking about buying fabric online, you may want to know the types of materials available so you can choose the right kind.


A while back, this was a very popular fabric. It is made of synthetic fiber, silk or cotton. One of its greatest features is that it has a rough feel because it has a mesh-like design. Most of the clothes made from chiffon fabrics are see through.


Generally, this fabric is made from mixing two materials together. Usually, the idea here is to combine the high characteristics of the two and make one great fabric that is usable and fantastic.


Cotton is very common in the cloth making industry. It is derived from the cotton plant and usually results in clothes that are breathable and comfortable. Clothes made from cotton are soft, comfortable and smooth on the skin. There are over 30 types of textiles making cotton today.


Traditionally, denim was dyed blue and was mainly used with trousers. Today, however, there is denim everywhere. It is usually made from cotton woven in a distinct way where the threads have a diagonal ribbing on the underside of the fabric made.


This is derived from the fibers of the flax plant. Most people enjoy this fabric because it is breathable, it feels fresh and cool when worn. It is perfect when you are considering clothes for the hot seasons of the year.


This is made from the jute plant which has cellulose-rich fibers. It is most commonly used to make bags and mats.


For the rainy season, you may want to consider this fabric. Made from the marijuana plant, it is highly resistant to water. However, it wrinkles very easily. You will be happy to know it doesn’t contain any narcotic properties.


This is amongst the oldest and most luxurious fabrics in the world. It is usually lightweight and drapes perfectly. It is slippery, and tailors find it a little bit hard to work with. However, it is perfect for lining.


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